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Artist:George Auriol

Artist Initials:G.

Artist Details:George Auriol (Jean-George Huyot) was born in Beauvais (Oise) in 1863. He was a French graphic designer,artist and type designer in the Art Nouveau style. Arrived in Paris in 1883 where he was introduced to book design and typography by the artist Eugene Grasset. He created the 'Auriol' typeface for the Georges Peignot -Fils foundry which was much used by various publishers of the period. Illustrated playbills for the Theatre Libre and the Theatre du Chat Noir in the Montmartre district of Paris. He wrote,designed and had published 3 books entitled "Livre des Cachets, Marques et Monogrammes Dessines" between 1901-1924. Also designed many song sheets, catalogues, book covers and Christmas cards generally printed in colour lithography. Ref: Armond Fields & Marie Leroy-Crevecoeur: George Auriol. 1985.