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Artist:Louis Marvy

Artist Initials:L.

Artist Details:Louis Marvy was a French painter and etcher attached to the Barbizon school of landscape artists. Along with his friend, Charles Jacque, he published a portfolio of etchings entitled 'Etchings by Louis Marvy and Charles Jacques' in 1843. The two friends, Marvy and Jacque, taught the artist Auguste Delatre how to print on their presses and employed him to work for them from 1843. In 1848 Marvy, whilst visiting London, was employed by W.M.Thackery to improve the etched plates for 'Vanity Fair' about to be published. Louis Marvy was mainly employed as a very fine reproductive etcher of works by leading artists of his and earlier periods including Rembrandt and Corot among many others.