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Artist:Erhard Amadeus Dier

Artist Initials:E.A.

Artist Details:Erhard Amadeus Dier was an Austrian painter and graphic artist best known for his series of etchings and book illustrations. Born in Vienna in 1893, he studied under Camillo Sitte and Josef Jungwirth at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Travelled extensively in Switzerland, Italy and Spain and painted portraits in oils and animal studies and also painted porcelain, designed bank notes, bookplates, tapestries, wallpapers and stained glass windows among other things. He was much influenced by the Wiener Secession and the Wiener Werkstatte especially in the border designs for his etchings. The majority of his illustrated books and graphic works were published in Vienna. He died in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria, in 1969. Please also look in 'artists search box' under 'D' for Dier.