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Artist:Henry Macbeth-Raeburn

Artist Initials:H.

Artist Details:Henry Macbeth-Raeburn R.A. painter and etcher, was born in Helensburgh, Scotland in 1860. The son of a painter and younger brother of the painter and etcher Robert Walker Macbeth. He added the name Raeburn so as not to be confused with his sibling and father. Studied at the RSA schools and in Paris and took up engraving in around 1890. Highly praised as a reproductive etcher and a fine etcher of his own work. Was elected associate RE 1894-99 and re-elected Fellow in 1920. He retired in 1935 when elected Hon. Retired Fellow. His etchings were used as frontis-pieces to some of Thomas Hardy's first editions in book form. Collections of his works in the BM, V&A and other museums. He died in Dedham, Essex in 1947.