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Artist:Edward Ardizzone

Artist Initials:E.J.I.

Artist Details:Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone was educated at Clayesmore School and worked as a clerk at the Eastern Telegraph Company in London while attending art classes at the Westminster School of Art under Bernard Meninsky from 1920 to 1926. He became a free-lance artist in 1927 working for many magazines including the Radio Times. A prolific book illustrator and graphic artist and official war artist 1940-45 and teacher at the Camberwell School of Art 1948-52. and at the Royal College of Art School of etching. 1953-61. Exhibited at Bloomsbury,Leger,Leicester and Mayor Galleries and a retrospective at the V&A in 1973. The Tate and V&A hold collections of his work among others. Ref: Alderson.Brian. Edward Ardizzone, PLA 2003. Ardizzone. Nicholas. The Etchings & Litographs. Unicorn Press 2000.