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Artist:Berthe Morisot

Artist Initials:B.

Artist Details:Berthe Morisot Impressionist painter and sculptor was born in Bourges, France and studied under Corot 1862-68 and at the Louvre where she met Manet. In 1872 she became his pupil and two years later, married his brother Eugene. As an impressionist painter, she exhibited regularly at the Impressionist group exhibitions 1874-86 and in c. 1888, took up print making for a short period. She made only eight drypoints and one lithograph in all which were based on existing paintings and drawings. Only a few proofs were published in her lifetime after which the plates were cancelled by boring two small holes which printed as circles on the paper. Ref: Bailly-Herzberg: Les Estampes de Berthe Morisot: G.B.A. 1979.